About Consumer Rights Protection And Social Welfare Council!


To create the awareness among every Indian citizens about the social responsibility and environment protection.


To promote the role of youngsters in development of country and to give best practices in Health, Environment, Education, Technology and Public convenience for multiple marginalized people in India.

Who We Are ?

Our team comprises of a strong and dedicated group of young working professionals, who have come together to work towards our common vision and goal. Consumer Rights Protection And Social Welfare Council was formed to extend a helping hand, in evenry possible manner, to every needy and deserving individual.

Where We Do ?

We at Consumer Rights Protection And Social Welfare Council active in several fields like Consumer Rights & Law, planting trees, animals and birds caring and other volunteer activities like helping schools and collecting funds for schools. We work across the society not believing in differences. Our aim is to make the life of men, women and children better so that they can live with dignity. Perhaps one can go home at the end of a day’s work satisfied that some good has been done to mankind.

Who is consumer as per Consumer Protection Act?

The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 (CPA) is an Act that provides for effective protection of interests of consumers and as such makes provision for the establishment of consumer councils and other authorities that help in settlement of consumer disputes and matters connected therewith.

Consumer Rights

  • The right to safety.
  • The right to be informed.
  • The right to choose.
  • The right to be heard
  • The right to satisfaction of basic needs.
  • The right to redress
  • The right to consumer education.
  • The right to a healthy environment.
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